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Level B1


Level B1


Threshold Level


At the end of the level the student is able to talk about events belonging to different moments of the past, to tell and notice cultural differences and put them in relation to each other. He /she can read newspaper articles, formulate opinions and discuss them with an interlocutor, provided they are topics and areas familiar to him and easy to access. He/she can describe past events and unrealized situations, give advice and formulate hypotheses.


At the end of the level the learner is able to express and report in an indirect way conversations and phrases of others, he/she knows how to express his/her opinions in a short but clear way and he/she knows how to convince someone to do something. He/she can describe hypothetical situations and make assumptions about their potential developments.

The student learns how to write a complaint letter, explain your reasons, defend yourself, describe reactions.


At the end of the level, the learner can describe his/her region of origin, talk about the life of a historical figure, discuss his/her choices and tastes, criticize the choices he/she does not share, make assumptions on situations unrealized or impossible.

He/she is therefore able to understand both the main elements and the specific ones of a speech in standard language on topics familiar and inherent to the sphere of their interests and to produce conversations, albeit with some error.