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Level B2


Level B2


Vantage Level


At the end of this level the student can interact with spontaneity even in the face of unexpected conversations and situations, in the face of unexpected stimuli or impromptu readings on a wide range of topics. He/she knows how to understand topics or statistical data of a text, understands a discussion of argumentative type, a news bulletin and current affairs programs. He/she is familiar with colloquial expressions typical of spontaneous daily interaction, as well as handling conversations of a certain complexity.


At the end of the level, the learner is able to use a richer and more technical vocabulary, with respect to their profession and the professions in general. He/she knows how to express desires, even complex ones, regret and the various nuances of his own feeling.

Communication takes place effortlessly and naturally, as does the argument for and against different situations.


At the end of level B 2.3, by taking up and expanding the communicative and grammatical objectives of the previous levels (B 2.1 and B 2.2), the student strengthens his/her vocabulary as well as the most common idiomatic forms of expression of daily life. The conversation is fluent and spontaneous and can range in wide areas of confrontation.

The student has reached, at the end of this course, the minimum level of competence for access to the Italian university system.