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Methods and levels


Methods and levels

During the courses the student will learn to use the Italian language in written, oral and comprehension abilities.

The group classes allow, through the interaction not only with the teacher, but especially with their companions/classmates, to develop communication skills in a dynamic and spontaneous way, applying dialogues and conversations to contexts for daily use.

The online and in presence classes integrate the material of the textbooks with audio, video, movies, songs, small reproductions of common everyday situations and and elements of general Italian culture.

Livelli dei corsi

The organization and subdivision of the levels of Italian courses offered by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Mumbai is with reference to the Common European Framework for Languages of the Council of Europe.

Course codes are active and linked to the pages with basic information on each of them.

Livello        Codice corso
A1                           A 1.1 - A 1.2

A 2.1 - A 2.2

B1   B 1.1 - B 1.2 - B 1.3
B2   B 2.1 - B 2.2 - B 2.3
C1   C 1.1 - C 1.2 - C 1.3
C2   C 2.1 - C 2.2 - C 2.3