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The Story of Light Festival | Light in Reflection with Silvia Verdolini and Manuel Scortichini



The Story of Light Festival | Light in Reflection with Silvia Verdolini and Manuel Scortichini

Light in Reflection is a game where light coming from few spotlights can be “transported” by multiple reflections off rotating mirrors. When light reaches the target, it reflects out of the installation in a rainbow of colors. Inspired by the words of the famous Italian physicist Galileo Galilei: “the book of nature is written with geometrical characters”, the artists have built the installation based on the golden spiral shape. Besides having a suggestive mathematical formulation, the golden spiral can be found in nature in the most diverse situations: from the structure of a shell, to the patterns created by the seeds of a sunflower up to the vast galaxies arms.
Silvia Verdolini is a post-doctoral researcher in Astronomy. She studies the role and the properties of interstellar bubbles in the near and far universe, and has done some work on planet formation. Over the years, she has contributed and collaborated on a number of outreach events and children activities, trying to convey the beauty of physics through the vastness of our cosmos.
Manuel Scortichini is a student of architecture. He works as a craftsman at the family-owned company. During this time he gathered experience as a gardener, carpenter, and bricklayer. He has a passion for interior design of recycled objects. In particular he likes to make use of forgotten objects reshaping them into new forms and to reinvent materials into handy pieces of furniture.


Date: Da Wednesday, January 14, 2015 a Sunday, January 18, 2015

Time: From 7:00 pm To 11:00 pm

Organized by : The Story of Light

In collaboration with : Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Mumbai

Entrance : Free


Miramar Beach