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Enrico Zanisi Keywords



Enrico Zanisi Keywords

Keywords. The first that come to mind are: inventiveness, talent, musicality, technique, composition, fusion, courage. You’ll find other keywords by listening to Enrico Zanisi’s brand new record. One could fill an entire review with them. Once again, the very young pianist from Rome, born in 1990, shows an amazing maturity in leading his trio through the recording of this sumptuous, kaleidoscopic album. With the support of Joe Rehmer on double bass and Alessandro Paternesi on drums, Zanisi built up a sterling recording, which (nearly) consists of original tunes, except for the closing piece, Träumerei by Robert Schumann: less than three minutes of elegance in its purest form, as if, at the end of a splendid musical journey, the trio wanted to say that everything starts from there, the old masters.
Indeed, technical command over the instrument is derived from a deep-seated classical background, which enables Enrico Zanisi to explore any land with astonishing confidence and awareness, considering that he is only twenty-three years old. It’s difficult to recommend one song, rather than another: from its opening, Claro, to its closing dedicated to Schumann, this album is a clear round of enlightened, well-written tunes, with airy moods (Equilibre), havens of peace (Au Revoir) and captivating rhythms (Power Fruits).
Keywords (is it also a pun with the keyboard, of which Zanisi is a master) is the ideal sequel to Life Variations, recorded a year ago, which displayed a fully blossomed, defined personality. Same concept (Ermanno Basso in the production room, Rehmer e Paternesi as excellent co-leads), up a notch. The Roman pianist is definitely ready to enter the circle of Italy’s top jazzmen, as already stated by Musica Jazz magazine in 2012.

Recorded in Ludwigsburg on 12, 13 June 2013 at Bauer Studios - Recording engineer Johannes Wohlleben.

Performing Artists: Enrico Zanisi, Joe Rehmer and Alessandro Paternesi on piano, double bass and drums


Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time: At 9:00 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Mumbai

In collaboration with : Blue Frog

Entrance : Free


Blue Frog, Mumbai