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Made in ILVA - The contemporary hermit



Made in ILVA - The contemporary hermit

What is more topical in Italian society than the ILVA tragedy? The biggest steelworks of Europe was a dream of prosperity and employment for an entire land. Who does not remember the advertisement “Made in Italy, made in ILVA”? Now it is a nightmare called environmental damage, a poisoned land and the impossible choice between jobs and health.
A man, a factory worker lives with the conflict of wishing to escape from the incandescent steel cage and needing to carry on working in that hell to survive. He is imprisoned in a mechanical and repetitive existence, in a post-modern landscape where the alienation of the production line reduces the human being to an artificial machine. The scene is set with metal structures continuously transformed by the lights, the video projections and the performer's actions interacting with music and sounds that become obsessive rhythms, while a persuasive voice orders him “work, produce, act, create…”.

Made in ILVA is the result of intense physical work and vocal experimentation between organic, inorganic movement and voice. A critique to the current alienating production system and its impact on the environment and the population.
Beginning with diary excerpts of an ILVA steelworker, including testimonies and emotions of other factory workers, the performance goes beyond specific cases, turning the worker into a status symbol of contemporary man, alienated from himself and from a society that relegates him to the condition of hermit.

Director: Anna Dora Dorno
Performer: Nicola Pianzola
Original songs and vocals: Anna Dora Dorno
Original music: Riccardo Nanni
Video: Nicola Pianzola

International awards
Total Theatre Awards Nomination at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014
16° IIFUT Best International Show Award - Iran
STOFF Stockholm Fringe Fest Jury Selection - Sweden

National awards
Cassino OFF Teatri di Vita
“Landieri” Civil Commitment Theatre Award “Ermo Colle”
Poetry & Music Critics’ Award
12° “Museo Cervi” Festival of Resistenza Award
“Kilowatt” Contemporary Theatre Festival Jury Selection
“OffX3” Residency Prize at Theatre Spazio OFF


Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time: At 8:00 pm

Organized by : IIC Mumbai e New Delhi

In collaboration with : Arshinagar Project e Jagriti Theatre

Entrance : Free


Jagriti Theatre - Bengaluru