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Walking Stories: A Workshop by Flavio Stroppini



Walking Stories: A Workshop by Flavio Stroppini

What does traveling mean? How can we talk about it? Narrative pictures: written, voiced, or visual.
Think about this: there is a map on your table. Over there, still unknown to you, there is a new world to explore, a strange geography to make yours, so that you can talk about it. Everywhere there is a story, a new world that is different and similar to yours at the same time.
That's my way. To tell a story, I cross countries by public transport. I pass borders on foot, then I lose myself. Reportages, romances, radio dramas, documentaries, and plays. Every time, a project based on storytelling. Every story is following a river, an idea, a new path. And then, when someone asks me if I am running away, I realize I need to go home. To tell.
Theatre director and author of prose, poetry, and reportages, Flavio Stroppini has written radio-dramas for Radio della Svizzera Italiana (RSI RETEDUE). Films based on his scripts have been presented at a number of international film festivals. In 2013, he was the artistic director of Festival Internazionale di Musica e Radiofonia Gwenstival.
He does territory storytelling writing for many papers and magazines. Since 2012, Flavio has been a tutor at the Real World College at the Storytelling & Performing Arts Holden School of Turin (Italy). He also teaches Reality and Storytelling at Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive in Lugano (Switzerland).

The event is free and open to all.


Date: Saturday, January 09, 2016

Time: From 3:00 pm To 4:00 pm

Organized by : IIC Mumbai

In collaboration with : Somaiya Centre for Lifelong Learning

Entrance : Free


Somaiya Centre for Lifelong Learning, Mumbai