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What a Tarantula eats — Dramatized tasting of typical products from Salento



What a Tarantula eats — Dramatized tasting of typical products from Salento

Many people think that taste is the only really important sense when we eat and enjoy the pleasures of the table but actually that is not completely true. During the tasting, all the five senses are involved: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The stage is made up of a series of tables for an individual guided food tasting; through a pair of headphones, the spectator-customer will be guided by two actresses-waitresses to discover the taste of the typical products of Salento, a mirror of the culture that they come from . During the performance it will be possible to taste lampascioni, scapèce, dried tomatoes, africani and negroamaro wine, flavours that mirror the bright light of Salento, the soft stone of its Baroque buildings, the geographical position of the Salentine peninsula and the pilgrimage of tarantolate, women bitten by spiders especially during the summer when they used to work in the countryside. That is culture and cultivation, knowledge and tasting, linked together by a common breath nourishing the miracle of a land rich in tradition and future, Salento.


A show by Koreja - Centro di Produzione teatrale - Lecce



Date: Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Time: At 7:30 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Mumbai.

In collaboration with : -

Entrance : Free


Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai