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Officine Montecristo in Dream of Dreams at ITFOK 2017



Officine Montecristo in Dream of Dreams at ITFOK 2017

Dreams of Dreams is a show of physical theater brainchild of director Giovanni Firpo and composer Francesco Leineri. In the show music, masks and objects contribute to create a universal language suitable for every type of viewer. ​The images and music of the show stem from dream experiences of the actors themselves and the pursuit of dreams and desires shared by all humanity: this type of collective research was created to seek a universal theater poetry, understood as the search of the highest concepts, using the poorest materials. ​The music, composed specially for the show, is performed live by multi-instrumentalist Francesco Leineri.

The show premieres in India at ITFOK 2017. The ITFoK not only focus on showcasing contemporary theatre, but provides a platform for other folk and traditional theatre forms of Kerala and other parts of the country, for the advantage of the visiting groups from abroad in particular. Seminars, workshops and exposition sessions by eminent theatre practitioners and academicians, exhibitions, screening of films etc are the vital components of the festival. The interactive sessions for theatre practitioners, with visiting directors on their play making process, design methods, and actors’ training systems provide deep insight and understanding of their theatre. Curetted with an understanding of various performance streams and practices with a broader perspective on cultural history of the land, ITFoK has carved a niche in theatre festivals of the country. ITFoK provides a true interactive space occupied by a variety of spectators from various walks of life and culture, thus inspiring creative and meaningful artistic interaction.


Date: Da Sunday, February 26, 2017 a Monday, February 27, 2017

Time: From 4:30 pm To 5:30 pm

Organized by : ITFOK

In collaboration with : IIC Mumbai

Entrance : With fee


K. T. Mohammed Regional