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Angelica Raboni | Uniqueness Networking for Schools

The world is globalized but schools are not! Connecting schools means connecting countries and people.The idea is to start with kids and teenagers. The aim of the Uniqueness project is not to teach kids about integration, inclusion, brotherhood, tolerance, but just help them keep alive their true nature! Kids naturally tolerate, include, integrate, make friendships and choose to do what makes them feel good and have fun!
We need to understand that each one of us is unique and different from everybody else! Differences are disabilities, skin color, social and cultural backgrounds, but also being too short, too fat, wearing glasses . . . Differences are also talents that each individual has and deserves to express and be helped in discovering!

Let’s start when people are children and have no problems understanding other cultures instead of just trying to solve problems when they are adults!

The vision of the Uniqueness project is that in 20 years there will naturally be:
– more integration and inclusion
– better comprehension of others’ needs
– tolerance will no longer be an issue

  • Organized by: IIC Mumbai
  • In collaboration with: Consolato Generale d'Italia