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Emanuele Bargelli at KGAF

Science is everywhere!

Every day we are used to do actions and we never associate them with science, but science is really everywhere: we wash our teeth with molecules, we eat molecules, we run, talk and live using large quantity of molecules and defying the laws of Physics and Chemistry. We will analyze some of these aspects in a serious and also funny way: from art to our kitchen, from the gym to our wardrobe. Science and art talk together in many different ways. Let’s try and understand how!

Science is Everywhere is a children worskshop on Tuesday 7 February, at 5:00pm, at CSMVS (former Prince of Wales Museum) for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.


Weaving the world

Since when humans lost their fur, we are used to wearing lots of different kind of clothes, made in different ways: fur, leather, textiles. Among textiles there is a wide variety of fibers, both from animals or plants. We will analyze the impact of these fibers in different ways: scientific, since all these fibers are made of proteins or sugars, historical, since these molecules had a great impact on world history, artistic, since there is a huge variety of ways to use these fibers: according to traditions, religions, class status, continent. Jute, hemp, kapok, silk, cotton, wool, angora and many more will be at the center of our workshop, among soldiers, wars, trade routes, runway shows, deserts and Poles.

Weaving the World is a workshop for adults on Wednesday 8 February, at 2:00pm, at Artisans for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.


Both workshop are given by Emanuele Bargelli, who is a science event manager mostly for the Science Festival – Festival della Scienza in Genova, Italy, since 2004. Bargelli organizes up to eighty events annually for the Festival, among these the most notable is “Taste of science – Science in the kitchen” which attracts 13.000 visitors each year. Bargelli won the first national competition “Talking about Chemistry” and has created several scientific events for International organisations such as: CNR, the European Researchers Night, ESOF – EuroScience Open Forum, EXPO2015 Milano, China science Festival, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. He is often a guest on Italian state network (RAI) programs such as GeoScienza and Radio3Scienza.

  • Organized by: IIC Mumbai
  • In collaboration with: Kala Ghoda Arts Festival