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Fare Cinema – First International Week of Italian Cinema in Pune

On the occasion of the first edition of “Fare Cinema”, the International Week of Italian Cinema, Italy presents a week-long screening of contemporary Italian films, which have obtained great success in Italy. Italian Embassy Cultural Centre in collaboration with Dezio Restaurant is organizing the event Fare cinema which is a part of a concerted programme, launched by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) to promote Italian quality film production abroad.
“Fare Cinema” takes place worldwide from 21 to 27 May, 2018, and will focus on the many filmmaking crafts. Over 100 ambassadors of cinema in 100 different cities will take part in conferences, meetings with the public, seminars, panels and discussions sharing experiences of a daily work driven by passion, creativity and top-level technical competences and skills.
The ambassador selected for Mumbai is costume designer Ms. Daniela Ciancio, who has designed the costumes of films like The Great Beauty and Il Divo among others.

“Fare Cinema” has been made possible thanks to the cooperation of industry associations and in particular ASC – Associazione Italiana Scenografi, Costumisti, Arredatori; AIC – Autori italiani della cinematografia; ACMF – Associazione Compositori Musica per Film, ANTEPAC – Associazione Nazionale Truccatori e Parrucchieri del Cineaudiovisivo; UICD – Unione Italiana Casting Directors and AMC – Associazione Montaggio Cinematografico e Televisivo.

 21 May   Stay away from me
 22 May   The Amateur
 24 May   Secrets Secrets
 25 May   Scialla! (Easy!)
 26 May   Ex
 27 May   Oriana Fallaci

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  • Organized by: Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Mumbai
  • In collaboration with: Dezio Ristorante