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Walking Stories: A Workshop by Flavio Stroppini

What does traveling mean? How can we talk about it? Narrative pictures: written, voiced, or visual.
Think about this: there is a map on your table. Over there, still unknown to you, there is a new world to explore, a strange geography to make yours, so that you can talk about it. Everywhere there is a story, a new world that is different and similar to yours at the same time.
That’s my way. To tell a story, I cross countries by public transport. I pass borders on foot, then I lose myself. Reportages, romances, radio dramas, documentaries, and plays. Every time, a project based on storytelling. Every story is following a river, an idea, a new path. And then, when someone asks me if I am running away, I realize I need to go home. To tell.
Theatre director and author of prose, poetry, and reportages, Flavio Stroppini has written radio-dramas for Radio della Svizzera Italiana (RSI RETEDUE). Films based on his scripts have been presented at a number of international film festivals. In 2013, he was the artistic director of Festival Internazionale di Musica e Radiofonia Gwenstival.
He does territory storytelling writing for many papers and magazines. Since 2012, Flavio has been a tutor at the Real World College at the Storytelling & Performing Arts Holden School of Turin (Italy). He also teaches Reality and Storytelling at Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive in Lugano (Switzerland).

The event is free and open to all.

  • Organized by: IIC Mumbai
  • In collaboration with: Somaiya Centre for Lifelong Learning